Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Day!

We hope you enjoy playing in the snow today! If you click on the title of this post you can leave us a message telling us what you did today.

Who can roll the biggest snowball?

Can you write your name in the snow?

Can you find a snowy spider web?

How many buttons does your snowman have?

Does your garden have a snowman?

Is everything in your garden covered in snow?


  1. Hi Reception Class,

    Wow - a snow day is something we will never experience at our school! I've seen lots of pictures on the internet. The snow looks lovely but I don't think I'd like it for very long!!

    What is your favourite thing to do on snow days?

    Miss P

  2. Hello Reception :)

    We have got lots and lots of snow too but our school is open today! We have got lots of people missing today and the teachers had to dig a path so we could get to school.
    We are making snowy tree pictures and snowflakes today.
    Mrs Fitzpatrick says we might have time for some adding too-Boo!
    We can't wait to blog with you :)

    Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2

  3. Hello Reception

    We had lots of snow over the weekend and we were not at Nursery today because it was too slippy!

    I'm sure our Nursery children have been out and about in the snow over the weekend and today, I'm sure I will hear all about it tomorrow.

    I have been busy today sorting out our blog page because we have never done it before. We look forward to sharing our news with you all.

    Bec & Weoley Castle Nursery x


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