Monday, 14 January 2013

Snowy Weather!

We've been out exploring in the snow this morning. The snow felt very cold but we still had fun building snow men, making snow angels and having a snowball fight!
Kyran rolled a really big head for his snowman!
Kiera made a snow angel!

Is the head going to stay on boys?

Drew and Ruby found sticks for their snowman's arms!
Lots of snowy fun!
Snowball fun!


  1. Hi Reception class,

    My name is Miss P and I'm from one of the schools you will be quadblogging with for the next few weeks. It looks very chilly over there! My school is in Australia - we are still on holidays over here for our summer. It's very different to your snowy days!

    Looking forward to learning more about you and your school!

    Miss P
    St A's, Australia

  2. Hello Miss P,

    We are very excited to be blogging with a school in Australia, especially as one of us has a dad who is Australian! We wish it was our summer as yes, it's very cold here at the moment!

    Enjoy your holiday,
    Mrs Borthwick


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