Thursday, 24 January 2013

We've been on a bear hunt!

Today we went outside to see if we could find a bear!

We're going on a bear hunt- we're not scared!
Mud, thick oozy mud!

A swirling whrling snowstorm!

A narrow gloomy cave.
A bear print?

A deep cold river!


  1. Hi Reception class,

    It looks very chilly! I'd like to be there for a little while though. I want to know if you found a bear?

    from Miss P

    1. We went on another bear hunt today and luckily we found a friendly bear :-)

      It was chilly outside but we didn't really notice because we were so excited to be on a bear hunt!

  2. 'We'r Going on a Bear Hunt' is one of our favourite stories!

    We are very jealous of all the fun you are having in the snow. In Dublin, we only had a few small snow showers and unfortunately we could not make any snowmen.

    David's favourite photo is the 'Bear Print'.

    Ms O'Meara's class in Ireland

    1. We were very excited to find a bear print!

  3. Wow your bear hunt looks really exciting in the snow! We love that story. We really want to know who that footprint belongs to?


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