Monday, 28 January 2013

What we found out about Grizzly Bears :-)

"The baby bears are called cubs." said Elliott.

Ryan and Marcus said "The bears eat fish and their favourite is salmon."  Ryan then added "I have salmon wellington for my tea!!!".  (yum yum Ryan)

"Grizzly Bears climb trees!" said Ellie Mae and Ellie.

"The bears have a black, wet nose!" said Zachary and Toby.

Adam and Ruby remembered that, "Grizzly Bears have sharp teeth!".

"They are brown and have two furry ears!" said Alysha.

What a lot we've learnt!


  1. Hi

    I was very impressed to see your fantastic blog and all your activities. I work in a reception class in South-East London and it's great to see other blogs from reception classes. We are learning about grizzly bears next week and it was interesting to see that you did that too!!

    Mrs G.

  2. ps

    our reception blog is
    in case you are interested!

    Keep up the good work!
    Mrs G


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