Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Can you guess which story we are looking at this week?


  1. Hi Ellistown Reception,

    Sam thinks it might be "Goldilocks and the 3 bears" because there was a girl in the story.

    Will thinks it might be "Little Red Riding Hood" because there was a wood chopper.

    Archie thinks it might be "Little Red Riding Hood" because the girl is wearing a red hood.

    Tommy thinks it might "Little Red Riding Hood" because there's a wood chopper, a girl with a red hood and a big wolf.

    We can't wait to find out what it is!!

    From Foundation and Miss P

  2. Connie says "thank you for looking at our pictures!"

    Come back later and you will be able to listen to us retelling the story!

    Miss P, is it hot today in Australia? It's sunny here but its still very cold and we're wearing our coats and gloves outside (and Grace said to tell you we're wearing our hats too!).

    Ellistown Reception Class

  3. Hi Ellistown Reception Class,

    Connie, you are welcome! We love looking at your blog and getting ideas for our classroom too.

    It has been very hot in Australia. It has been a bit cooler the last couple of days which has made it easier to sleep at night. We certainly aren't wearing coats and gloves though! We had a LOT of rain one day this week. The weather is warming up again though. Luckily we love summer!!

    Keep warm,

    From Miss P

  4. Hi Ellistown
    Maddison, Lewis and Kayden all think that your story is Little Red Riding Hood.

    Maddison- "because it's got a picture of a wolf"

    Lewis- "because there is a wolf a wood cutter in the pictures"

    Kayden- "because I can see a wolf, a wood cutter and a little girl with a red hood"
    We think that your paintings are fantastic :)

    Mrs F and F2


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