Monday, 25 February 2013

Climbing, balancing and jumping!

We've been busy in PE!


  1. Hi Ellistown Reception,

    Miss P thinks it looks like you've had too much fun and she'd like to join in too!

    Phoebe thinks it looks good and would like to join in.

    Keenan hopes you had a good time doing the activities.

    Luke thinks it looks like fun too.

    Will would like to go in the tunnel because you can crawl through it.

    Oliver would like to try the climbing.

    Archie would like to try the balancing because you'd have to try your best.

    From Foundation and Miss P

  2. Hello Ellistown it's F2 here from Athersley South.
    We have just had a look at your super PE phtographs.

    Maddison- "I like the way you are all trying to balance and jump really high. I like the climbing ladder it looks like good fun.
    I like climbing at our school, I like our climbing tree and our climbing wall outside."

    Lanei- "I love your pictures, I like the pictures of you balancing best.I can balance too on the blocks and tyres outside."

    Taylor- "I like the way you are balancing. I am good at balancing on the tyres outside. I like hopping too and sometimes I wobble a bit!"

    Mrs Fitzpatrick likes your tunnels best and they have reminded her that we haven't had our tunnels outside for ages!

    Keep working hard Reception

    From Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2

    1. We had PE again today!

      Alysha liked the tunnel today, she liked it rolling around as she crawled through it!

      Kyran liked climing up the ladders but had to hold on tight to stop himself falling off!

      Marcus liked jumping off the high bench "it was like jumping off a house!"


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