Monday, 6 May 2013


Have you looked in your garden for minibeasts?  Over the next few weeks we will be finding out all we can about them. 

What did you find?                                Where did you find them?

You might want to play this game with Mr Tumble

Mrs Borthwick, Mrs Smith and Mrs Rennocks can't wait to hear how your minibeast hunts went!

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  1. Hello Reception
    We watched the Mr Tumble video and we really liked the songs.
    Lexi "I like the snail and we saw these letters 'ai' in the word. We have been learning that sound.

    Kacey " I like the worm song becazue I know that song too. We found some worms in our garden when we were planting our seeds."

    Connor "I like the wiggly worm song because it is funny"

    Zak " I like the snail song because the song is good"

    We cannot wait to see if you find all those minibeasts in your garden.
    Will you blog it for us?

    Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2


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