Wednesday, 8 May 2013

More Monster Puppets


  1. We really enjoyed looking st your monsters and hearing you talking. You don't sound like us your sound really different to us :)

    Maddison likes the monster with the terrible teeth because it reminds her of a story she knows called the Gruffalo.

    Lola likes the monster with green feet and the orange bit in the middle.

    Erin likes the monster with black ears and long bblack legs and feet.

    Emmanual likes the colourful monster with googly eyes, he likes the mouth.

    Kayden Mrs Fitzpatrick like the monster with the lovely eyelashes and the purple and pink nose.

    Maddison liked seeing how hard you have worked to make your monsters. We were wondering if you got stickers?

    F2 and Mrs Fitzpatrick

  2. We got lots of house points for making our puppets. Do you get house points in your school?

    We have 4 houses- badgers, squirrels, hares and foxes. The house with the most house points gets get golden time on a friday afternoon :-)

    Hares are having golden time this afternoon!


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