Friday, 3 May 2013

Shoe Shopping!

We have been setting up a shoe shop as our role play. We've brought shoes in, made posters, learnt how to be a shopkeeper and how to pay for our shoes using money. What a busy week we've had!


  1. Role playing is so much of fun. You can learn from that a lot. It's just like a real shopping. I also used to role play when I was a kid.

    Barker Marine

  2. Hi Ellistown Reception Class,

    That sounds like something I would LOVE - shoe shopping is one of my favourite things to do!

    Did anyone find a bargain?

    From Miss P

  3. Hello Reception we have really loved looking at your new shoe shop on your blog.

    When Mrs Fitzpatrick showed us your brilliant writing we spotted some sounds and words that we have been learning too.

    Reece spotted 'sh' for shoes and the 'ee' sound in shopkeeper!

    Erin says "I love that picture that the boy made of the blue shoes"

    Tamara says "I love the writing I can see a 'sh'.

    Charlie says "your blog is nice."

    Owen says "I love your pictures".

    We thought that your writing was very clever and we could see some of our tricky words on your post.
    Reece, Charlie, Tamara. Erin and Owen spotted these words:
    the, to, I (in one of your coments) we and be!!!

    Have you been learning these tricky words too? We have a word wizard spell to help us to remember all our words we will send you a picture.

    Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2


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