Thursday, 27 June 2013

Outdoor Leaf Adding!

This morning we went outside for our maths. We chose a digit card and then counted that many leaves onto a stick. Then we had to find a partner and add how many leaves we had altogether. We had lots of counting fun!


  1. We like the idea the idea of going outside to do maths.

    Alisha says: "we like your pictures."
    Kingslie says: "I like your blog."
    Maddison asked "What did your teacher tell you to do before you went outside to do your maths?"

    From F2

  2. We're glad you like our blog- we like looking at yours too!

    Hayden says that first we had to pick a number card and go and count that many leaves.

    Adam says that next we had to count the leaves and push them on the pointy bit of the stick.

    Xander says it was quite tricky!

    When we had our leaves we had to find a partner and count how many leaves there were altogether.

    Toby says that finally we had to chalk the number sentence on the playground.

    We all really liked it- it was lots of fun!

  3. Looks great!

    The children here want to try it tomorrow!

    AM - " It looks lemon squeezy!"
    Q - "It depends on how many leaves you have!"
    U - "I want to do it tomorrow!"

    Mr B
    Thornhill Lees


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