Thursday, 3 October 2013

A fantastic visit from the author Julia Jarman

Today , the author Julia Jarman came to visit us.  She read us lots of stories and let us retell 'Big Red Bath' using her Story Sack.  Thank you Julia for a fantastic visit! 


  1. Wow! I've never met a Reception Class with their own blog before. I love reading about all the interesting things you do at school. I wish I lived nearer, I'd be popping in every day to see you. Thanks for making me so welcome yesterday. You were great listeners and good question-askers too. I'm pleased to see you've got lots of my books. Happy reading! Julia Jarman

  2. Thank you Julia, we had a great time listening to you read your stories and are looking forward to reading more this week.

    Luke says you're a good writer.

    Liam thinks you're a good reader.

    Lexi likes the Big Red Bath the best.

    Jacob hopes we see you again!

    Kandinsky Class

  3. I bet that you really enjoyed the visit by Julia. Cara

  4. it looks like you have been busy
    chloe in year 3


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