Monday, 14 October 2013

Book Week

We're having our school Book Week this week, click on the title below to read the book we're sharing in class this week.  But Excuse Me That is my Book


  1. Hi reception class,

    Emily hopes you have fun at Book Week. We had lots of fun celebrating when it was book week in Australia.

    Woody said we don't celebrate book week at the same time as you - we celebrate it in August and the whole country celebrates at the same time.

    Luke wonders what the book is about...we are going to look at your story next.

    Sarah wants to know if you have a dress up day for your book week. Our whole school dressed up - even Miss P and Mr Casey (our principal!).

    Sam said that we sometimes watch Charlie and Lola while we eat fruit snack. Charlie is the best brother because he tells the story and always looks after Lola.

    We hope you have fun!

    From Prep and Miss P

  2. Hi Ellistown Reception class (again!),

    We just read your story for the week. We loved it...we do like Charlie and Lola stories.

    Luke thinks the website is the best site ever!

    Tommy loved listening to the story. He loved how Lola changed her mind about the book.

    Miss P can't wait to use the website for our groups next week. It looks fantastico!!


    From Prep and Miss P

  3. Poppy
    WOW Kandinsky! Looks like you have been doing some very hard work on book week. All of your books are amazing, I can't wait to see some more of your fantastic work.


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