Wednesday, 16 October 2013

We're having a busy Book Week!

We can't wait for dressing up day on Friday!


  1. that is fabulous work.nathan barwell

  2. I hope you injoyed making the things. ella denham

  3. Hi Ellistown Reception,

    We loved looking at your photos. It looks like you are having fun!

    Jack W thinks the pink milk cafe looks cool!

    Harper thinks your book making is cool too.

    Archie likes all your pictures because you've added lots of work into it.

    Jack H wants to know how you made your pink milk cafe.

    Phoebe wants to know how you made the pink milk.

    Teagan wants to know where you got the table mats.

    From Prep and Miss P

  4. Wow I like the look of what your doing from Libby and Maddie.

  5. Wow weee you have been busy!

    A- "It's nice!"
    S - "How did you make the pink milk?"
    S - "Butterflies fly and tickle you nose"

    We done on being such busy bees!

    Mr B
    Thornhill Lees

  6. Wooow weeee what a busy week you are having!

    S-"How did you make the milk pink?"
    S - "Butterflies fly on your nose and they tickle you!"

    Well done you busy bees!

    Mr B
    Thornhill Lees

  7. you must be having fun

  8. Hello Reception
    We love your Pink Milk Cafe we wondered if you had a menu? we think there are some very yummy things on it :)

    Kian likes pink milk too and sometimes he has chocolate milk when he goes home.
    Justin doesn't like milk very much but how did you make it pink? he might like to try it.
    Mrs Fitzpatrick loves pink milk- a bit too much :)

  9. Was that fun



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