Tuesday, 5 November 2013

What an Explosive Afternoon!

Honey brought a strange stone into school that she had found on holiday, she said it was a piece of volcanic rock so we all decided we wanted to find out more!

We carried out an experiment to see if we could make our own 'volcano' erupt. We put bicarbonate of soda in the bottom of our volcano and poured vinegar onto it. Look what happened!

After we mixed these ingredients together we decided to try mixing some others from the classroom, we mixed sand and then salt with the vinegar.  Can you guess what happened? 
Could you, with your parents help, find some other things to mix together? 
Would they erupt like our experiment?
Tell us what happens by posting a comment below.


  1. They look like they or going to POP.


  2. It looks like you have been having fun. Aleyna Sayir

  3. Hi reception,
    I love your blog
    I especially like the bit about the rock honey found on holiday
    we done something like similar to that. Well we mixed together vinegar and baking soda and it just exploded
    WOW! It took us a long time to clean everything up
    why don't you visit our website at
    By Sonia
    year 6


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