Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Blogger of the day!


  1. Hello Jack! It is nice to get to know all the different children with your bloggers of the day!
    "Who taught you to play football Jack?"

    Mr B and Thornhill Lees

  2. Hi Jack,

    We are the grade 1 boys from Miss P’s class. Our preps have gone home and we are the only ones here – there are only 6 boys at school this afternoon!

    Jack likes playing football. He likes it when everyone gets a turn.

    Oliver wonders why you like training on your own.

    Sam wants you to know we have new sand toys for our sand pit and they are fun because they’re new.

    Percy wants you to know we have Jack in our classroom.

    Ted likes training by himself for football too.

    Darcy likes training for games that he hasn’t played before.

    From Miss P’s Grade 1 boys

  3. Hello Jack
    Do you do football training at school or after school ? we think you sound super fit :)
    Peter wants to know if you are good at scoring goals?
    Miss Jordan wants to know if you have a football kit and do you have a number on your shirt?

    Dominic wants to know if football is your best thing?

    Savi wants to know what you like to play with in the sand? Do you have buckets and spades in your class like we do?

    Mrs Fitzpatrick, Miss Jordan and F2


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