Thursday, 16 January 2014


The water was freezing cold but we know seals and polar bears like to swim in the cold water. How do they keep warm?

We wanted to find out how they kept warm so we made a blubber glove to find out what blubber did. 

We guessed what might happen to our hand in the blubber glove. These are our predictions. 

Take a look at our experiment photographs to see what we found out.

We found out that blubber keeps our hands warm so animals in the water can keep warm too! 

What do we wear to keep warm?


  1. Wow Kandinsky, it looks like you have had a lot of fun working out how seals keep warm. You have done a lot of investigating on this experiment. It looks like you have done a lot of work on this Kandinsky, and it is all your best work! I wish that I could do that with you because it sounds great! If the Blubber didn't work, your hands would be freezing!!!
    - Ella
    - Poppy

    1. Thank you Ella and Poppy.
      We really enjoyed our experiment. Sometimes we wish we had more blubber as it has been really cold this week!

      From Kandinsky Class

  2. Wow your experiment looks so interesting. We are a reception class also and have thought of these items of clothes to help you...
    Thick socks

    We hope you are keeping warm now.

    Come and visit our class blog at

    Thank you

    Jellyfish class

  3. The clothes will definitely keep us warm! Thank you!
    From Kandinsky Class


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