Thursday, 16 January 2014

It's Freeeeeezing!

We couldn't believe our eyes to find lots of ice cubes in our classroom! Had the arctic circle come to Kandinsky class? We explored what it felt like and how it made us feel. We wrote some words to describe what it felt like.

What happened to the ice when you played with it? 


  1. Hi Reception,

    It's soooooooo hot in Australia at the moment - I would love lots of ice cubes in my house!

    I want to know how the ice cubes got in your classroom. That's amazing!

    From Miss P

    1. Hello Miss P

      We don't know how they got in our classroom but it was freezing when we walked in in the morning!
      You would have enjoyed the ice if you are hot...they made our hands really cold

      From Kandinsky Class

  2. How many boxes were there, did you open if you did what was in them if you didn't what do you think was in them?

    from Ruby w

    1. Hello Ruby

      We had one box in our classroom but there were many more all around our school! We even had some outside on the playground!

      We did open our box and we found a feather, some of our favourite characters from books, a wand and a hat.
      We think the wand belonged to a witch!


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