Thursday, 6 February 2014

We went on a bear hunt!

We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one, what a gloomy, rainy day...never mind we're not scared!

Take a look at what we did on our bear hunt. We remembered the actions from our story. 

We followed our story map and walked through the grass, past a river, through the mud, through a forest, through a snow storm and eventually found a cave. 

Luckily the bear was not there but we found some footprints.

What did you enjoy about our bear hunt?
Write about what you enjoyed and post it below. 


  1. I liked finding the cave. Leyland

  2. I enjoyed it when I really stumbled and tripped. Jacob.

  3. I liked it when I saw the really big footprint. Jack H.

  4. I liked it when I looked in the cave. Maddie

  5. I liked it when we went past the pond. Milly

  6. I liked the thick, oozy mud and when Jacob really did stumble and trip! Mrs. Rennocks

  7. That is very exiting that you went on a bear hunt! That would have been very scary to go on a bear hunt alone. It would have been good you did spot a bear because you were going on a bear hunt, I'm glad that none of you fell over in that thick, oozy mud or got stuck in it. I wonder who left the footprint there? Could it be the bear.... I bet it was scary in the deep dark wood's! If I was you then I would be terrified because it is very dark in the woods and there are lot's of scary noises!

    ~Tilly ~Poppy ~ Ella


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