Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Meet today's Blogger of the Day


  1. Hello Lovely Leon,

    Darcy - well done Leon. I like riding my bike.

    Oliver - I like playing with my friends too because you can have lots of different people to play with.

    Ted - I think it's fun riding on skateboards, scooters and bikes. My favourite is skateboarding.

    Bridie - It's fun to write and learn about letters.

    From Prep/1 and Miss P

  2. Leon- i like being blogger of the day

  3. Hi Leon,

    I like scooting too because it is fun. There's all kinds of different ones.

    What's your second favourite bike or scooter or skateboard?

    From Banjo

  4. Hi Banjo, my second favourite is a skateboard, Leon


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