Monday, 7 April 2014

Science Day

Today we have been exploring forces. We looked at pushing and pulling and sorted some objects into things we push and things we pull.

We also looked at different ways to make cars travel further. We changed the surface and the height of the ramp. 

Look at our pictures showing us investigating! 

What happened when we changed the height of the ramp? What about the surface? Which was the best surface to make the car travel further?


  1. Wow its looks like you had fun making ramps.
    By Madison and Hannah

  2. We love that you have been experimenting with forces- how exciting!
    Kian- What did you find out?
    Justin- I bet it had to be a big hill to make it go fast?
    Peter- Did you make your own cars to go down the ramps?
    Carnley- But how did they make stuff for pulling?
    Good question Carnley, what did you explore for pulling Reception? We think that you might have used elastic bands at some point? are we right?

    Mrs Fitzpatrick and F2

  3. hello this is Ashleigh jade Lawson this blog is amazing

  4. it looks like youre having fun there and stuff ashleighg jade Lawson


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