Monday, 27 October 2014

Me, Me, Me!

We have been looking very closely at ourselves, noticing how we are all similar but also different. 

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Three Little pigs

Listen to us retelling our stories using our story maps

listen to ‘Three Little Pigs LM’ on audioBoom

Can you retell the story of the Three Little Pigs?

Story Maps

This week we have been listening to the story The Three Little Pigs. We have made story maps and practised retelling the story. We hope you enjoy our maps and listening to parts of our stories!
Three Little Pigs Story Maps

listen to ‘Three Little Pigs L-M’ on audioBoom

Can you remember what the wolf said to each pig when he arrived at each of their houses?

What did the pigs say in reply to the wolf?

More or Less?

We have been using the words more and less in our number work this week. We played a game with the dice to decide who built a tower with more, less or sometimes the same amount of bricks.

Can you build two towers with Lego and say which has more and which has less? 

The Singing Mermaid

We have learnt a new story at school. We painted pictures, made puppets and learnt how to draw a story map to help us remember the story!

Can you remember who the nasty character was in our story?  What did he do to the Singing Mermaid?