Monday, 10 November 2014


Today we added a new character to the story 'Room on the Broom'.  We decided where we wanted our new character to go in the story and what they would find that the witch had lost. Then with a partner we retold our story with our new part added in, stepping each box from our story map as we told it.

Which character did you add to your story and what did they find that the witch lost?


  1. Imogen- I added an owl. She found a cep

    1. I loved your owl drawing Imogen, it had fantastic wings :-)

  2. Isabelle- I added a rat, she found a cip

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  4. A owl a sak a mows a hat a cape Elizabeth

  5. What lovely new characters you have added. I hope there is still room on the broom!

  6. Bat. Kap rat hat wich cat dog. Bird frog. Aaliyah

  7. Wow, Kandinsky class, what exciting animals and objects you have been adding! 'Room on the Broom' is one of my favourite books.
    Can you think of an animal beginning with P??????


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