Friday, 6 February 2015

Using Coins

This week in our maths work we have been using our counting skills and applying them to using money. We have found out that there are lots of different coins to pay with but sometimes you have to put coins together to make amounts.
Can you count in 1s or 2s to practice making the amounts on our cafe menu so you can pay in there next week?


  1. Charlie p says she liked counting to 100 today!

    1. You counted to 100 in tens on Tuesday Charlie, what fantastic counting :-)

  2. I brut a milkshak from the cafai today. I yoost 2 2ps.
    tayla lagerway.

  3. I Bort Hot chocolat with 3 2p's =6p. Aaliyah

  4. I bort a milkshake I paid 4p I yoosed 2 2p Imogen.


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