Thursday, 19 March 2015

Blogging challenge this week

We have a few children who have gone on their holidays.  Have you been on holiday?  Where did you go?  How did you get there? Are you going on holiday during the Easter break?


  1. I am going to Norfolk in my car in the Easter holidays.
    Mrs Borthwick

  2. I went to butlins I went in my car. We sor som shoas and went to the fair and put pennis in the arcaed.

  3. I am going to waymof wiv mumy, Dady and eve in the suma holidas. We arr going in dady car. My gandad nana baby Harry anty Annie and uncal Nathan ar comin to.

    Jak Anderson

  4. I wil be going to skegnes fur the day. I wil be going to Mundley ( Mundesley, Norfolk )
    for my Sumer Holidays in mums car.

  5. Emma Smith (Sophie)19 March 2015 at 18:38

    I went to halceedeekee on a eraplen. I am gowing to Gramas hows in Midlsbro at Ester.


  6. We have been to tenereef on a plain with my mum dad and brothr. At eester i am going to senter parks in my car.
    Harry Pallett

  7. I went to menorka wen I was 2. We went on a earoplan. I am not gowin enwear at eester but I am beeyin a brismaid.
    Tayla Lagerway.

  8. I am goin to Disnee land Paris fur my holdees we will be go on a pleen. I am going with mummy daddy and nanny in otoobr. I wil be going on sum dey trips in the ester holdees in my mummy car.


  9. On wensday i went to west midluns sfari parck to see the animuls and go on the rides wiv mumy dady and Harvey. Lilly c-r


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