Friday, 17 April 2015

What do plants need to grow?

A forest grew and grew and grew in Max's room. What do you think plants need to grow? Do you think the foorest would be able to grow in Max's room?


  1. Charlie pickering17 April 2015 at 17:30

    Plans need worter and sunshin and soil to gro.
    No it cudnt grow in Max room bcos the seed wil fal on the floor.
    Charlie p

  2. Plants ned woter, compost and sun to grow. I fink a fowest wud grow in max room.

    Jak Anderson

  3. Plants need sun and worter to grow.
    Harry Pallett

  4. Plants need sun and wuter and compost to grow. I don't think it wil grow in Maxs room becus it is in his dreem.
    Eva Lee

  5. Plant need ran soil sun and plant food. No I don't think max cud grow a forest in his room becus you don't have soil in yor house Aaliyah

  6. Plants need weter to grow. No it wil not grow in maxs room.

  7. Plants need seeds and wurter sun soiyl and rain. It mit be a dreem so I dont fink plants will gro in maxs room.
    Tayla Lagerway

  8. Plants need water and light from the sun. They need to soil to grow. The forest would not grow in Max's room because there isn't enough space.


  9. Plants need Warter sunlit and compost. I don't tink that maxs forest culd grow in his bedroom.


  10. my prodiction is yes because his room is very spaceous and there is fresh healthy grass for it to grow and other plants sorounding it.

  11. plants need water an soil
    to grw


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