Friday, 5 June 2015

Blogging Challenge

Our tadpoles are growing!
Some have back legs now. What do you think will happen to our tadpoles next?


  1. They will grow front legs and looz thear tail. Harry James Pallett

  2. Then thay have bac legs and then thay get frunt legs. Thay are called froglets.
    Tayla Lagerway

  3. I like the tadpoles. some have front legs some have back legs some have front and back legs. They have wiggley tails. We will put the little frogs onto the pond.

  4. Charlie pickering10 June 2015 at 07:13

    They get frunt legs and they turn into a froglet.

  5. They will get frunt legs. Then they tail gets shorter. Then they tail is gon . Then it is a frog.
    Eva Lee

  6. they grow legs and a tail and then they will be frogs joshua fowkes

  7. They will grow front legs & the tail will go away by Jorja Robson


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