Friday, 10 July 2015

The end of our first year at school!

We are so proud of Kandinsky Class this year, they have all worked so hard, learnt so much and have become so independent! 
These are some of their favourite things about our first year at school:

Harrison- I like drawing pictures and writing about them.

Lilly- I like writing in the writing area.

Finley- I like exploring with the magnets.

Lewis- I like building houses in the block area.

Elizabeth- I liked the bear Hunt the best.

Aaliyah- I liked writing the Gingerbread Man story.

Sophie- I enjoyed Centenary Day and going outside to draw our school.

Eva- I enjoyed learning and writing The Three Little Pigs story.

Isla- I like writing in the writing area.

Jessie- I liked drawing the school using charcoal.

Lily- I enjoy writing to my mummy and daddy in the writing area.

Oliwia- I like drawing.

James- I like playing with the cars.

Bryony- I liked drawing the school, doing it outside.

River- I like counting in 2s.

Charlie- I like playing with the big number tiles.

Imogen- It's fun writing stories.

Lily-Mae- I like drawing the school.

We are sure you are proud of the children too!  have a fantastic summer and we will see you all in September when you will be Year 1!

Please add more comments about your first year at school- we love to hear what you liked doing.